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now everybody can learn how to play the guitar...

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Learn how to play guitar, the easy way with fantastic guitar tutorials.

guitarhead Start playing right away!
With the new 'iJam' app, learning guitar has never been easier.
iJam will show you the basics of the guitar from the beginning to the end, by introducing you to easy guitar chords and slowly working up to the more difficult chords, helping you to be more confident in playing some of the most popular songs in the world.

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mobile Available on Android.
Learn to play the guitar anywhere. iJam goes where you go.
If you have your guitar and are on the move, iJam makes it easy for you to practice playing guitar anywhere in the world. Play with your mobile phone, tablet or Android TV and let iJam teach you how to be a guitar genius in no time. Download iJam now!

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guitarstar 5 stages to progress.
Learn a new song and three chords in each stage.
iJam takes you through each stage with a detailed explanation, that is easy to understand and at the end of every stage there is a video guitar tutorial and personal guitar tutor that will show you how to play a song with the guitar chords that you learnt earlier in the stage.

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Don't take our word for it, check out the testimonials below.

5starWhat a great app

My 7 year old son has started using this app and he's already learnt 3 chords on stage 1. So proud of him keep going x

5starGreat app

After using iJam I am a rock God. Can't wait for more.

5starBest app

Title explains it all. Now I'm able to switch between chords, something a few hours ago I couldn't even comprehend.

5starThe best guitar app ever!!

After months and months of trying to play guitar, I finally found iJam and not been able to put the guitar down ever since. Very very good app. Highly recommended!